Since 1976, Magnecor has been the leading manufacturer of ignition wires used for competition, street, industrial, aerospace, and military applications.  Magnecor uses a combination of proprietary core and wire combinations, creating wires that offer the best noise suppression and longest durability in the marketplace.  Magnecor provides spark plug wires and individual wires for almost every engine ever made.  Simply put, Magnecor makes the most technically advanced ignition cables.


Performance applications demand ignition cables that transfer high energy from the coil to plug, ensuring the most optimal ignition event for creating the most powerful combustion event.  Magnecor’s combination of a proprietary core and engineered windings, ensure that our ignition cables will transfer the highest amount of energy while virtually eliminating noise interference from sophisticated electronics.



Marine applications for ignition wires and the demands on the ignition wires have changed radically over the last ten years.  From GPS equipment that can find you to the nearest square foot; to fish finding equipment capable of discerning a good meal from an endangered species; to the clearest sound system; Magnecor wires simply keep the noise from spark ignition systems from penetrating those devices. 


Industrial applications like spark-ignited furnace systems and natural gas transfer stations all demand the best noise suppression wires available to prevent disaster.  Magnecor has been supplying KV85 and CN10 noise suppressive wire to industry for over 35 years.  One test requires the Magnecor wire transferring spark energy over 150 feet without radiating noise.  Only Magnecor wire can meet this rigid requirement. 


Magnecor is the ONLY manufacturer of ignition cable that offers wire sets customized for any application.  Recognizing the need to meet the endless combination of engines and ignition system combinations, Magnecor is able to customize an ignition cable set for you.  With over a combined 100 years of engine and ignition system experience on staff, Magnecor can get you the exact solution for your ignition cable needs. 

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