Dodge Trucks; V6, V8 “Magnum” and V10 engines, 1994-1999
Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, V8 engines, 1994-1999

This technical bulletin relates to ignition knock, surging, misfiring and other driveability problems on the above vehicles, often attributed to other causes, that are caused by the factory wire routing. The solution, recommended by the manufacturer, is to re-route or re-loom the wires as detailed to minimize cross-firing and inductive effects. This sort of problem will be less prevalent on Magnecor than factory wires, but it is prudent to follow this procedure.

Copies of the factory Technical Service Bulletin, which outlines the problem and the recommended repair procedure, are available at:

Summary of the V6 and V8 TSB: 
V6 engines
V8 engines
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